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Information on Fees

At Justin King Law Ltd, we have flexible payment options to suit you, including fixed-fee, agreed fee and hourly rates.

We stand by the principles that everyone should have access to legal services when needed.

Private Rates

Consultation Fee – £150 to £250 (Family Law, Employment Law)

We provide a fixed-fee divorce package for couples looking to separate without child arrangement, financial or living disputes. This is known as undefended divorce procedure. Our fees for the service are £1020, plus £550.

Drafting Form E – includes initial meeting – £650

Drafting Children Act Application – includes initial meeting – £600

Drafting Non Molestation Order Application and Statement – £500


British Citizenship Applications

Application for registration as a British Citizen (children) – £850

Application for naturalization as a British Citizen (adults) – £1100

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Application for ILR as a spouse or partner – £1300

Application for settlement as a child of a parent in the UK – £1100

Application for settlement following discretionary leave to remain – £1300

New Fees in the Employment Tribunal

The Claimant will have to pay an upfront fee to bring a claim and a further hearing fee should the claim progress. If the claim falls within Level 1, then the issue fee will be £160 with a further £230 payable as a hearing fee. Level 1 claims are generally sums due on termination of employment such as unpaid wages, notice payments and redundancy payments. If the claim falls within Level 2, then the issue fee will be £250 with a hearing fee of £950. Level 2 claims include unfair dismissal, discrimination and equal pay claims. The fees are set at a flat rate irrespective of the amount of money owed or the value of the claim. Those who are eligible can claim remission of the fees in similar way to scheme already in place in the County Court.

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